Volunteering with Veritas

You can volunteer with Veritas!

Volunteers played a strategic role in the establishing and development of Veritas, and continue to be a valuable resource by helping our staff in their daily work with clients – children, teenagers, elderly, adults and teens with special needs; by suggesting and carrying out new program ideas; by helping us improve administrative structures; by teaching classes and workshops for staff or community; by being willing to help wherever there is a need. Our staff enjoys the enriching experiences that come through intercultural relationships with volunteers.

Volunteers typically come to Sighisoara for a period of three months to a year. After a year they sometimes decide to stay longer, or to return at a future date. A volunteer year is often September to July, as many Veritas programs follow the school year. Because of the time needed to get over jet lag, adjust to the country, learn some language and begin to develop relationships, it is not very useful to Veritas if individual volunteers want to come for less than two months. Exceptions are people who come with a team, or with a specific time-limited assignment.

Currently Veritas is looking for volunteers with the following skills:

  • Working with children, young people or elderly
  • Teaching music (guitar, piano, singing groups)
  • Practicing and teaching other creative arts – photography and film-making, drawing, painting, woodworking, textile design and sewing, graphic design

If you want to volunteer:

  1. Contact the Veritas director for more detailed information about volunteering with Veritas.
  2. Fill out an application, providing personal and professional references.
  3. Agree to a volunteer contract which establishes the period of volunteerism, lines of accountability, the responsibilities involved, the financial implications, and the lifestyle expectations.

Useful volunteers have many of the following characteristics:

  • A Christian commitment and the conviction that by serving others they are serving Christ
  • Habits of personal Bible reading and prayer which will provide them with the strength they need when things get difficult and they are far away from home
  • An attitude of cultural humility: an awareness that different cultures offer different solutions to their problems, and that observing, asking questions and listening are vital in order to learn
  • A desire to communicate and a willingness to work hard at learning and using the Romanian language
  • A willingness to try new experiences and to develop an appreciation for things that are new and different
  • A willingness to embrace a simple lifestyle, seeking to understand and adjust to the standard of living of local people. We suggest that volunteers live with a Romanian family for the first three months of their stay, in order to better understand the culture and lifestyle, and to practice the language.
  • A willingness to be a good team player, to submit to the authority of leadership, to contribute knowledge and skills in a way that empowers Romanians, showing consideration for others
  • Compassion for the needy, acceptance of everyone without discrimination, a desire for social justice
  • A willingness to extend oneself to others, personal warmth, friendliness, empathy
  • Energy, optimism, a willingness to work hard – a positive person to be around
  • Flexibility, patience and a sense of humor – very important qualities in this cultureVolunteers from other countries have served through:
    • Teaching English or German as a second language
    • Working with children and teenagers in Veritas programs, tutoring, leading crafts, games, sports activities
    • Teaching literacy to children and adults
    • Helping with elderly clubs & visiting housebound elderly
    • Helping with programs for persons with special needs
    • Helping with youth outreach
    • Teaching skills such as sewing, photography, drawing, crafts, woodworking, singing, playing the guitar or piano, acting, computer skills
    • Providing training workshops for staff and other local helping professionals
    • Helping with cleaning, cooking, gardening, office work, building repairs and remodeling, painting, sorting donated clothing, financial advice, graphic design and media work.
    • Organizing social events and excursions for Veritas’ beneficiaries
    • Helping Veritas staff organize a camp for children or teens
    • Planning and leading a Vacation Bible School or week of themed summer day camp
    • Cutting hair, offering hand and shoulder massages
    • Organizing medical clinics