European Union Project

Veritas Foundation participated in a three-year project, “Mainstream Sighișoara.”  Veritas provided the social medical services and some of the educational components of the project, alongside Sighisoara City Hall, the Miron Neagu elementary school, and Centru de Resurse Comunitare Pentru Romi (Resource Center for Roma Communities, based in Cluj).

For over 20 years, Veritas has been taking the pulse of the social needs in the Sighisoara community. Identified needs for this project included medical services (in conjunction with social services), job training, housing, education and anti-discrimination training.  The grant was approved and the project began in October, 2017 and continued until March, 2020 when it ended prematurely due to the Covid Pandemic.

Partnering to find solutions for problems in the community is not common. For the City Hall, Veritas and Miron Neagu to work at various components on a common grant was a first for Sighisoara.

Petra Popa (executive director of Veritas) managed the grant for Veritas and along with many of the staff, spent hours working with the partners to make sure that paperwork was completed and all details of carrying out the grant were completed satisfactorily.  Several staff were hired through grant funding and funds were also used for the social canteen (meal program for children and teens) which provides breakfast and lunch daily for those attending the Veritas children and teen programs.

This grant marked another step in the continued cooperation between Veritas and its neighbors in Sighisoara, to benefit the Roma people and the entire community.