Advent Events

Advent is a period of celebration that prepares us for Christmas. Advent has two meanings: it’s the time when we prepare our hearts for the birth of Our Lord, reminding ourselves of the first coming of the Son of God among us and at the same time we look forward to the Second Coming of Christ. So Advent is a period of expectation full of worship and joy.  Veritas sponsors a number of events during the Advent season.

Saint Nicholas’ Day is a special event prepared for children aged 5-12. At this time children have the opportunity to take part in various creative workshops and
are encouraged to identify various ways in which they can show kindness and generosity to those around them, just as St Nicholas did.

The Candle Walk is an important event in the Advent program. On this day Christians from all the churches in Sighisoara are invited to meet to pray together for the good of the town. As they walk through the citadel with lit candles they stop at the three churches in the citadel and at the City Hall to pray and sing carols. Their route ends at the House on the Rock where the atmosphere of celebration and carol-singing continues as those taking part have the chance to enjoy a hot drink and cookies.

The Ecumenical Concert is an event which has evolved from the meeting of a few friends in the House on the Rock in 2001 to a splendid evening at the Orthodox Cathedral in 2006 with traditional carols from different cultures, in various languages, uniting Christians in a spirit of the celebration of Christmas.

Choirs from the historic and neo-protestant churches of the town take part, along with vocal groups from various foundations and a folk group from the Sighisoara area. Thanks to a program of Christmas carols and songs it is our wish that a ray of light will enter the soul of everyone present bringing us faith, hope and love in our Lord Jesus Christ.