Summer Craft Fair

This Traditional Craft Fair is an annual event initiated by Veritas as a sign of appreciation for the tradition of the craftsmen’s guilds which used to make up the core of the social and cultural life of Sighisoara. The fair usually takes place during the first week of July and brings together from all over the country artisans who practice and promote traditional handcrafts.

The fair is intended to benefit both the local community and tourists visiting Sighisoara. It facilitates communication between skilled craftspeople from different ethnic backgrounds, allowing them to display and sell their work, in a context featuring traditional costumes, folk music and dancing. Over the course of ten years a diverse group of artists has developed, most of them from Transylvania, who participate year after year in the fair. Local people and tourists have the opportunity to admire and perhaps also buy examples of authentic traditional handcrafts such as folk costumes, hand-woven and embroidered textiles, hand-made lace and beadwork, items carved from wood and bone, pottery, copperware, hand-blown glass, painted eggs, musical instruments, icons on wood and glass, leather-work, objects made of reeds, straw or corn-husks.

Craft Fair Collage 2015