Educational Programs

Making a Positive Difference through Educational Programs

Veritas was started as an outgrowth of international students participating in the Romanian Studies Program. Today, Veritas is a separate non-profit organization, with continued ties to RSP, and an ongoing commitment to education as the foundation for making a difference in the community and beyond.

For college students who are getting cross-cultural and social work practicum credit, Veritas offers opportunities for students to choose to work with the young, the old, or the disabled.

For high school students in the community, Veritas provides small groups which focus on values and life choices, summer camps, and a chance to sing in a choir, engage in community service, or learn to be a tour guide.

For children, summer camps and music classes are offered.

For adults, creativity workshops, choirs, ecumenical programs, and English classes are available.

Educational activities are centered in the historic House on the Rock, in the center of the Sighisoara Citadel.