It Takes Courage

Promoting character and healthy life choices for youth in Sighisoara.

It Takes Courage is a program for youth, ages 14-18 which meets once a week during the school year.  The goal is to help youth shape and nurture a positive view of the world that will teach them the importance of being a person of good character.  It Takes Courage provides an opportunity for youth to develop their English skills while talking about topics of significance: creating a vision for life, communicating effectively, building healthy  relationships, making wise decisions.

Two common threads running through this program are character and courage.  We explore these through stories, games, role plays and discussion. Young people need to know how to make wise decisions if they want to make a difference in their community, city, and country.

Another goal of the program is to help youth take responsibility for building a better community by helping others through different service projects that they develop.

Annual activities: summer retreat for personal and group development in outdoor activities.

The group commits to meeting once a week for the school year.  A new group is formed each year.