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Our material base

The Veritas Foundation owns two properties in Sighișoara

Social services complex

The social services complex is a 2,000 sq m property with four separate buildings. Our educational programmes and social services are delivered in the Social Services Complex buildings

House on the Rock

House on the Rock is a historical building located in the citadel (old town). The International Cafe serves drinks and snacks. The profit of the cafe supports the smooth running of the social and educational services offered by the Veritas Foundation.

Social services complex

The Main Building – is 1,600 sq m and has a reception, office, kitchen, dining room, meeting and event room and two large spaces for children's programs. From Monday to Thursday the Veritas Foundation offers around 120 lunches and 45 on Fridays.

The White House - has two rooms in which a new and second-hand clothing store currently operates.

Together House – this building includes a large meeting room for two Senior Citizens Clubs (morning) and the Special Needs Club (afternoon). It is equipped with exercise equipment, craft tables, a desk and a small kitchen.

The Red House – includes a generous room where members of the Special Needs Club meet. It is equipped with gym equipment, furniture for various activities, as well as an office space and a modest kitchen.

Warehouse and Garden – the tools and equipment needed for maintenance are stored in the warehouse. Vegetables and greens are produced in the garden, for the preparation of daily meals, but also for preservation for the cold season.

Casa Verde – includes two large storage spaces where donations and clothing are stored. There is also a tailoring workshop in the building.

Historic Building – A large building adjacent to the main family center building was built in 1765 and has been restored for three years through the sponsorship of volunteers from the United States. Because this building is a historical monument, the builders kept the shape of the roof, the original footprint of the building and kept the original windows. This building houses a counseling office and two bedrooms for emergency shelter or visitors. The two large meeting spaces, the two offices and the kitchen are used as a reception center for Ukrainian refugees, operated by PATRIR (Romanian Institute for Peace).

House on the Rock

The House on the Rock was built on the foundation of an older building, after the major fire of 1676 that destroyed three quarters of the houses in the citadel. In the beginning, the house was probably inhabited by a German craftsman, his family and his apprentices. The house was later divided into four separate apartments, which Veritas managed to buy one by one. Following the repair and renovation works, the two floors of living space were transformed into an attractive and functional building with five levels, strategically located right in the center of the medieval fortress. During the renovation works, a treasure was found in the basement of the house - a clay jug with 800 silver coins, dating from 1580-1600. It is believed that the owner of the original carriage buried his life savings in the fire of 1676 before going off to war, but never returned. The coins were donated to the History Museum in Sighisoara.

The name House on the Rock not only expresses the physical location of the building, on a rocky hill that dominates the center of the Sighisoara citadel. The name of the house also reflects the words of Jesus who said that whoever lives according to His teachings, lives like "a wise man who built his house on the rock". The Veritas Foundation aims to prove that the teachings of Jesus offer hope and a solid foundation for living in Romania today.

Where else can you find us?


Veritas Family Center

St. Horea Teculescu, No. 34-36


House on the Rock

Piața Cetății, No. 8

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