Sponsor a Child

Veritas is a participant in the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) Child Sponsorship program. Approximately 45 children and adolescents who participate regularly in Veritas programs are sponsored through NCM.

About NCM Child Sponsorship

NCM Child Sponsorship provides Veritas with funds for ministering to children holistically by developing them spiritually, physically, intellectually, and relationally. Children receive Bible teaching, hot meals, clothing and bedding; access to doctors and medication; physical games and play, sports, field trips, and camp activities. Elementary age children are offered after-school tutoring. Veritas provides these activities in a safe environment where children can develop a positive self-esteem, supported by trustworthy Christian adults.

How to Sponsor a Child

Sign up through our simple online process at CS.NCM.ORG. Search for children in Romania. Sponsorship cost is $25/month. A minimum of 80% of funds go to the Veritas programs in which the sponsored child participates.

Through letters, cards, and photos, sponsored children receive love, encouragement, and support from caring sponsors. This relationship gives children a sense of their value and hope for the future.