House on the Rock

House on the Rock is a restored 17th century building on the main square of the Citadel. The building houses the House on the Rock Cafe

The House on the Rock was built on the site of an earlier building, after the great fire of 1676 destroyed three quarters of the properties in the citadel.  It was probably originally occupied by a German master-craftsman and his family and apprentices. The house was eventually divided into four apartments, which Veritas was able to acquire one-by-one. Extensive restoration and remodeling work turned two floors of living space into an attractive and functional five-story building with a strategic location in the heart of the historic area. During excavation work in the basement buried treasure was found – a clay pot containing over 800 silver coins dated 1580-1600. We suppose that an owner of the original house that burnt down in the fire of 1676 buried his life-savings before going off to war – and never returned. The coins are now in the safekeeping of the town museum.

The name “House on the Rock” not only reflects the physical location on the rocky hill that dominates the center of Sighisoara. It also recalls the words of Jesus who declared that anyone who lives according to His teachings is “like a wise man who built his house on rock.”  Veritas seeks to demonstrate that the teachings of Jesus offer hope and a solid foundation for living in contemporary Romania.

The House on the Rock is a smoke-free, alcohol-free building.