Family Center

rsz_20150917_033040For 10 years, the Veritas social programs were located in a building in the center of Sighisoara.  It was not adequate for the number people that were being served, so in 2011 a large property at Strada Horea Teculescu, nr 34-36 was purchased.  The move to this property took place in 2013.  It is 2000 square meters and includes three separate buildings, plus a small apartment for the caretaker and his family.

Main building

The 1600 cubic meter building houses a large reception area, the director’s office, kitchen, dining room, large meeting and events room (and staff lunch area) and two large rooms for the Kids’ Club program.  The second floor of this building includes offices, a large meeting area, two bedrooms, a kitchenette and dining room/library, and a prayer room.


White house

This section of the campus houses three rooms now used for a new and used clothing shop.


Casa Impreuna

This building includes a large meeting room for two Elderly Clubs (mornings) and the Special Needs Club (afternoons).  It is equipped with exercise equipment, craft tables, an office and a small kitchen.



Shop and garden

A small workshop has been made for storage of tools and equipment for maintenance of the facility.  Several garden areas (one a greenhouse) provide vegetables for use in the kitchen.  Produce is canned for winter use.  An herb and flower garden just outside the kitchen, provides beauty as well as herbs for use in cooking.

Green House

Another large two-story area of the property is used for storing clothing donations and for a sewing room.

Historic building

A large building adjacent to the main Family Center building was built in 1765 and refinished through funding and volunteer workers from the U.S. over a period of three years.  Because this is a historic building, workers maintained the original footprint of the building, the shape of the roof, and kept the original windows. This building houses a counseling office and two bedrooms for emergency shelter or visitors. The two large meetings areas, two offices and kitchen are being used as a Welcome Center for Ukranian refugees, operated by PATRIR (Romania Peace Institute).