Elderly Clubs

Help and support for Senior Citizens

This service assists 56 people from two different neighborhoods of the city. The purpose of the clubs is to facilitate the socialization of the members, to provide them with a sense of belonging and to give them chance to feel that they are part of a family.

The Daisy Club meets on Monday and Wednesday mornings. The Beriigasse Club meetings take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Meetings take place in Casa Impreuna on the Family Center campus.

Four members are assisted at home.

From 1998 to 2018, a third group, the Hope Club met in the Church of the Nazarene as a part of the Veritas Elderly Clubs.  It has now been turned over to members of the church, although all clubs will continue to meet for special events during the year.

Services provided for clients:

  • A hot lunch Monday to Friday
  • Leisure and socialization activities: discussions on various themes, low impact exercises, massage, games, craft work, outings, films etc.
  • Spiritual assistance, Bible study
  • Help at home: clients who are housebound receive a hot lunch and help with housework and basic house maintenance
  • Social assistance: assessment, advice, medical referrals and monitoring through home visits
  • Material aid and financial assistance in emergencies

Annual Activities: Outings and celebrations: birthdays, Christmas, Easter, International Women’s Day. Several times a year, the clubs meet and enjoy spending time together.

Staff: A social worker

2016 Christmas dinner