Kids’ Club

Program for children and their families

This program helps 7- to 13-year-old children who come from disadvantaged families. The program can accommodate up to 50 children and their families. The activities take place twice or four times a week, depending on the age of the children and are adapted to their age and needs. The aims of the program are the development of self-discipline, of self-worth, of age-appropriate behavior and of cognitive, practical and motor skills.


Services offered to the children:

The provision of a free meal Monday to Friday

Psychological counselling

  • Health education
  • Formal and informal education: activities to develop their creativity and personal resources
  • Educational activities: development of verbal communication and mathematical ability, support in doing homework for school, English lessons, tutoring for those who have fallen behind in their schoolwork
  • Leisure and socialization activities: films, drama, games, competitive sports
  • Religious education and spiritual support.

Services offered to parents and families:

  • Social assistance: assessment, counselling, mediation, monitoring through home visits
  • Practical advice on parenting, both individually and in a structured class
  • Practical support for the family unit: material aid, financial assistance in emergencies


Annual activities: Outings, summer camps, and celebrations at Christmas, Mothers’ Day, Easter, Children’s Day (June 1st), Romanian National Day (December 1st). See photos and more information from our BIG BROTHER & BIG SISTER 2015 camp here.

Staff: A social worker, a qualified educator, students from the Romanian Studies Program and local volunteers.

Visit our Facebook page –Veritas Sighisoara for more pictures and information of Kids’ Club activities:

Christmas 2016 Celebration

Trip to Tîrgu Mureș Zoo and the play ground

Praying for Nepal