Special Needs Club

Service for those with special needs and their families

We assist 35 people with special needs and their families through this program. Seventeen of these attend the “Together Club” four times a week. The program aims to identify the social and material needs of the clients and their families, to provide social integration, socialization, reciprocal support, personal development including the development of creative and motor skills. Staff work with families to help them compile the necessary paperwork for the County Commission of Medical Specialists which determines eligibility for financial benefits.



Service offered to our clients through the “Together Club”

  • A hot lunch once a week
  • Gymnastics
  • Pottery classes
  • Horse therapy
  • Leisure and socialization activities: discussions on various themes , handwork, games, films, outings, summer camps
  • English classes
  • Religious education and spiritual support


Services offered to their parents and families:

  • Social assistance: assessment, counseling, mediation,monitoring through home visits
  • Support group for parents
  • Counseling and parenting classes

Support for the family unit: material aid, financial help in emergencies, help with bureaucracy, advocacy

Annual activities: Outings, summer camps, celebrations of birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, International Day of Support for Persons with Disabilities (Dec 3)

Staff: A social worker and assistant

December 2016 activities