It Takes Courage

It Takes Courage (ITC) is a character development program for high school students in Sighisoara. The goal of the program is to help youth shape and nurture a positive view of the world that will teach them the importance of being a person of good character. It Takes Courage provides an opportunity for youth to develop their English skills while learning about 15 character traits based on the following topics: creating a vision for life, communicating effectively, building healthy relationships, making wise decisions.

It Takes Courage 2.0 is an extended version of the ITC program. Youth who have participated in ITC are invited to return for the second year, where the focus is on being a positive example at school, home, with friends, and in the community.

Two common threads running through these groups are character and courage, which are explored through stories, games, role plays, videos, and discussion. The goal of the interactive activities is to help youth put the fifteen character traits into practice.

Another goal of the program is to help youth take responsibility for building a better community by helping others through different service projects that they develop.

Both groups meet once a week after school. Relationship-building is a big part of the ITC experience, among the students and between the students and the program leaders.

It Takes Courage 3.0 is yet another extension of the ITC program. This is usually a smaller group of older high school students, as many of the students who finish 2.0 graduate and go on to university. The purpose of 3.0 is to continue working towards the goals of ITC and 2.0, while supporting them as they finish high school and prepare for university. In addition, the youth in 3.0 often become helpers to the program leaders in various ways.

Annual activities: summer retreat for personal and group development in outdoor activities.