Preschool Program

Program for preschool children and their families

The program for preschool children was begun in order to offer a place of safety for 3-6 year olds mainly from disadvantaged families. The program can take up to 20 children. The activities take place daily and cover the curriculum laid down by the Ministry of Education. The goals of the program are to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the environment, to develop language and numerical skills , to provide musical and artistic education, physical education, the development of self-discipline, of self-esteem, of age-appropriate behaviour, and of practical and fine motor skills.



Services provided for the children: Free breakfast and lunch (Monday to Friday)

  • Educational, practical and leisure activities: stories, physical education, songs, games, outings etc.
  • Health education
  • Moral and Christian education: Bible stories, songs based on themes studied


Provision for parents and families:

  • Social assistance: assessment, counselling, mediation, monitoring through home visits etc.
  • Parenting education to individuals and in structured classes
  • Practical support for the family: material aid, financial assistance in emergencies


Annual activities: Outings and celebrations: birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, Children’s Day (1st June), end of the school year, Romanian National Day (December 1st)

Staff: Kindergarten teacher, educational psychologist, students from the Romanian Studies Program.

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Christmas 2016 Celebration

Activities for St. Nicolas Day


Trip to Tîrgu Mureș Zoo and the play ground

Horse riding in Cristuru Secuiesc

Learning jobs and professions

Trip to Dracul Daneș domain in order to learn domestic animals

One of the activities for Earth Day