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Social service Day centre for adolescents


Type: Social service

Date: Continuous

Location: Sighișoara

Beneficiaries: Teenagers

This service assists adolescents aged 14-18 from dysfunctional families with low social status. They meet four times a week. The objectives of the programme are to develop self-respect and respect for others, develop personality, introduce healthy role models, challenge them to make good decisions.

Services for teenagers:

  • Social canteen
  • Psychological counselling
  • Instructive-educational activities
  • Recreational and social activities (movie, theatre, games, sports competitions, dance, etc.)
  • Meditations
  • Activities based on Christian morality.

Services offered to parents/families:

  • Social assistance (counselling, mediation, assessment, monitoring through home visits, etc.)
  • Counselling/parenting education
  • Support activities for the family system (support, financial help in case of emergency)

Annual activities: parties on different occasions, camps, trips, etc.

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