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Veritas Community Center staff and volunteers impact the lives of children and families in Sighisoara, Romania. This short documentary tells the story of a father who participated in one of the foundation's children's programs as a child and now brings his own child to Veritas Kindergarten. The documentary was produced in 2014 by Evangeline Baudains as part of her research for a project at Bournemouth University.

The Veritas Children's Club program helps children aged 7-13 who come from disadvantaged families. Staff work to help children develop self-discipline, self-worth and age-appropriate behaviour. They teach cognitive, practical and motor skills. See the Kids Club for more information.

Programs for seniors make it easier for members to socialize, give them a sense of belonging and a chance to feel like they are part of a family. Two clubs meet in separate locations to facilitate the participation of older people living in these areas. See Clubs for the Aged for more information.

The Special Needs Adults Program helps 35 individuals and their families. The program provides socialization, support and personal development for adults between the ages of 22 and 82. For more information, see the Special Needs Program.

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