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Become our volunteer

When you give a joy, it stays in your soul! Volunteering will always bring added value to both the beneficiaries and the helpers. Being part of our volunteer team you will learn empathy, kindness, but you will also develop skills that will be useful in your professional experience. Together we can make a difference in our community!

We currently need volunteers for:
  • Help with cooking and manual work (Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons)

  • Teaching English classes (Thursday afternoon)

  • Introducing devotional time or other topics for discussion

  • Help in summer camps

  • Homework tutor
  • Guide to games, activities and crafts programmed by the program leaders (Youth are especially welcome)
  • Preparing materials and cleaning up after activities as needed
  • Help in camps (for a day or a week)

Spring and autumn work with garden maintenance and garden work.

Taking pictures and videos during daily activities and special events. Editing pictures for posting them on the website.

  • Pottery workshop – someone with pottery experience to help set up a workshop where people with special needs and the elderly could learn to make pottery for sale.
  • Carpet Making – someone with experience in carpet making who could instruct seniors and disabled club members in carpet making.
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