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The board of directors

The general board of directors

Jonathan came to Romania for the first time in 2001 as a student, through the "Romanian Studies Program". After graduating from Eastern Nazarene College with a bachelor's degree in religion, he returned to Sighisoara to volunteer with the Veritas Foundation and the Church of the Nazarene. After a year of volunteering, Jonathan attended the Nazarene Theological Seminary to further his studies. He graduated in 2008 with a master's degree in theology with a focus on intercultural ministry. Jonathan returned to Sighisoara in 2009, where he serves as coordinator for theological education and literature development within the Church of the Nazarene in Romania.

Sheri is from Harrisonburg, Virginia where for 22 years she worked in a Mennonite church media agency, helping to produce documentaries for US television, writing study guides and marketing articles, and developing websites. Upon retirement in 2013, through the Nazarene Mission Corps, Sheri and her husband came to Romania. In Sighisoara they worked with adult and children's choirs. They also got involved in the work in the village of Țigmandru, working in the children's club and the wood workshop. Sheri's role at Veritas is to help with fundraising efforts, particularly in the US and other countries outside of Romania. Sheri and her husband are currently living in Virginia.

Dorothy Tarrant is the founding director of the Veritas Foundation and the Romanian Studies Program. He settled in Romania 18 years ago. Originally from Great Britain, Dorothy worked for more than 20 years at Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, USA, as a professor of modern languages, intercultural communication and social work, until the university proposed to her to come and initiate study programs for American students in Romania. Currently, Dorothy is president of the Board of Directors and director of the Romanian Studies Program.

Gabriela is an economic clerk at Vitrans SRL, which has developed several businesses in Sighisoara. For the first time she met the Veritas Foundation as a beneficiary, during a period of crisis for her family. Her daughter, Sofia participated with great enthusiasm in the summer camps organized by the Veritas Foundation.

Pilu is one of the founders and the pastor of the Mana Church, which in the last 20 years has developed a work for the Roma community in Sighisoara and nearby villages. He studied theology, has a degree in law and has post-graduate studies in social assistance. He is the president of the Dayspring Foundation and the legal advisor of the Crown Child Placement Association - two Christian organizations that offer social services for children, young people and their families. Veritas has close relations with the Mana Church which is the spiritual home for some of our employees as well as some beneficiaries of the Veritas Foundation.

Monica graduated from the faculty of economics and finance and has recently retired as head of the financial office at SC CESIRO SA - one of the largest economic agents in Sighisoara. She first learned about Veritas from her daughter, who attended the English camp and then was a tour guide for two summers in a row. The Juganaru family was the host family for several students from the Romanian Studies Program.

Mark Tudose was born in 1976, in Bucharest. He graduated from high school in 1994 and then worked for two years as a volunteer for a Christian organization as an organizer of camps for children from poor families. Mark grew up in a family of artists. His grandfather was a wood carver and his father a singer. Mark learned to carve as a teenager and in 2005 was invited to participate in Veritas' annual crafts fair. Mark moved from Bucharest to Sighișoara in 2006 and since then he has been trying to support artisans in Romania, helping them promote themselves and teaching them how to improve their sales skills. Mark operates a handicraft shop in Sighisoara, where he sells the products of these craftsmen.

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