Veritas is an ecumenical Christian organization, providing educational and social services to bring about positive change in the lives of people in Sighisoara.

Veritas has grown from small beginnings (in 1997) in the volunteer activities of American students, to become the largest non-profit organization in Sighisoara, providing social, material, educational and spiritual support to over 150 people a week. Petronia Popa is the Executive Director.

Veritas is a member of FONPC, a national federation of non-profit organizations working on behalf of children.  Veritas is accredited as a Social Service Agency by the County of Mures. It is also recognized as a Compassionate Ministries Center of the Church of the Nazarene, and participates in the Nazarene Child Sponsorship Program.

Four buildings make up the Veritas Family Center where staff work in a variety of educational and social service programs for all ages.

Veritas carries out its mission in Sighisoara, in the historic region of Transylvania, Romania.

The House on the Rock is located in the old walled city of Sighisoara and is home to the House on the Rock Cafe.